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Welcome to Justin Timothy Ministries

Pastor Justin Timothy is the dedicated servant of god, a singer worship leader, bible teacher and powerful preacher.  God has been using him in several countries for the glory of his name, with the sings and wonders.

He is the young dynamic preacher, especially for the youth and kids of people, such a time as this.

Reaching the world with the Gospel of jesus Christ and making a difference in the lives of people.

To quip 10000 Gospel workers and 10000 worshipers. 1 billion people to be saved. 1000 new churches planting with 2025.

Sep 2-5 2016 Friday to Sunday
2 to 5 Worship Seminar
Seminar at HOTEL ARISTO, Trichy India-620001.
Oct 13-16 2016 Thursday to Sunday
Christ in you CRUSADE, Trichy India-620001.
Dec 10,11 2016 Saturday and Sunday
Children Chrismas Rally (Music event).
Dec 17,18 2016 Saturday and Sunday
Youth Chrismas Rally (Music event).
Dec 20 2016 Tuesday
Chrismas free clothes to 2000 Orphan children and poor people.
Dec 21 2016 Wednedsday
Chrismas Carol services( Special Music event with 10 favorite singers)
Dec 25 2016 Sunday
5 AM Chrismas services
Dec 31 2016 Sarturday
10 AM New year service program